A “New Sustainworthy” note

We need to be ‘selectively’ using
both “Old” and “New”
Published Sources and Guidances

(see Lists
as well as separate titles
under “Foundations”/”Basics”
this e-site
and in
Currently instantially-suggested:

2500 English Proverbs and Sayings:
a Public Domain Book
by Manik Joshi.

This http://liferesh.net publisher’s added comment:

As said previously
in these three not-for-profit, power nor prestige
“UK and Australian taxpayers-assisted” e-sites

almost every leading non-fiction publication
needs the reader to be making notes
in the book itself –
write-in your finding of omissions, corrections, clarifications –
(in the case of Jungian terminology
a number of “top authors”
make the elementary mistake
of mis-spelling “extravert” as “extrovert” –
“energic” as “energetic”
“National Hospitals, Illnesses & Pharmacology Sector”
“National Health Service” – “NHS”…)

In the case of the above mentioned English Proverbs book, the reader is likely to encounter many entries which s/he
“has never heard of”

(it might be ‘easiest’ therewith
to simply put a mark before each proverb that is “well-known” –
or to ‘grade’ them by different letters of the alphabet
or numerically by “appeal” … ‘)