New Advances & Old-Burieds

The Thinking Body
by Professor Dr Mabel Todd, 1937

a work as fact-showing as Gray’s Anatomy
with the added ‘real-life’ insight of
(“) How to help people to move theirselves better (“)

has been ‘deliberately’ overlooked by Governments
and by Education Authorities,

and whilst being on Trainee-Doctors’ book-lists
does not have to have
even the ‘blurb’ on the outside back cover
read by them !
There is a long ‘dark’-history
of other advances
in Individual and Collective Human Development
and in
Human Movement Improvement,
Wholesome Wellbeing Building”


being ignored and ‘excluded’

by all Governmental and Education Authorities
and by the ‘Popular Non-Fiction Media’

(with the possible exception of a few Publishers
who are publishing such advances
in Knowledge-&-KnowHow).
A visit to
other two
not-for-profit, power, prestige or pretentious-play
can show quite extensive lists of such “repressed” advances.
[The third such e-site is this one ].