Rules of _ _ _ (2)

Rules of Sense-Accuracy

How may we,
or ‘one’,
proceed when

The Rule-of-Law
itself is
in-some-place or places’ ?
Your Organisation;s, Institution’s, Religion’s, or Constitution’s
non-negotiable legal-‘perfection’
prevents any true-new-learning ?

When the
“Purpose’; ‘Law’; ‘Constitution’; “Democracy”,
‘Faith’, ‘Belief’, ‘Religion’, ‘Culture’. ‘Raison-‘d’Etre’, ‘
‘Deal”, “Rule”, “Directive”, “Foundation”,
‘Question’, ‘Solution’, ‘Conclusion’, ‘Decision’, ‘Evaluation’,
‘normal-habit or practise’ -,

“Workplace’, ‘Profession”, ‘Job’;
and ‘Lifeplace’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Citizenship’ –
is itself ‘accidentally’ or ‘deliberately’
malfeasant, imbalanced, imbalancing’ and non-sustainworthying ?’

and wheb there is an absolute need to include
in the Rukes
a number of ‘sub-rules’

e.g. The Three Principles of
Good Communication & Honest-Argumentation (*) :-
(1) Clarity
(2) Charity
(3) Self-Corrigibility.

(1) Clarity: of sense and meaning, in every-participant’s wording,
(2) Charity: a cknowledging as being ‘good’ any other participant;s good-communication and honest-argumentation.
(3) Be prepared to ‘self-correct’ and retract any-thing you have been misinformed about, denied right knowledge of, or just plain ‘got-wrong’.

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