Key Sustainworthying Books

Whilst certain
“in-depth detailed doctoral-level documents*
and documentaries**”
are essential to have
‘up-datably-appointed “
into The Constitution-Itself
as Key Basics & Guidances
for both
Up-Datable Knowledge and KnowHow

it is necessarily-expedient***
that we have the simplest, briefest and ‘easiest-to-habituate’
facts, factors and guidances


there are such books already at-hand :-
The Rules of Thinking
by Richard Templar
100 double-page everyday practical mind-functional
each of which takes only a few minutes to grasp
and only a few more to “take-on-board-and-begin-implementing.
by Bersin, Bersin & Reese
with simple ‘direction-arrowed’ performance-sketches
and the constant preliminary advice
1. Go slowly
2. Stay well within your comfortable limits
3. Rest frequently.
The Little Book of Energy Healing Techniques
bu Karen Frazier
Simple Practices to Heal Body, Mind and Spirit”.


* Such as Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley
[“] How to improve our ‘movement-vocabulary’
with deep evolutionary insights
into how our movement-progression ‘separated & moved-on” from
the main “Other-Neighbouring-Lifeforms-‘Tree’ [“].

** Documentaries such as How Many People Can Live***** On Planet Earth
hosted by Sir David Attenborough.

*** Honest-to-God ‘real-need expediency’
rather than instant-gratificationally
“What-do-we-want – ABILITY
When do we-want-it – NOW”.

.**** “Rules” including “Tips”, “Wise-Guidances”, “De-Conflationings”, “Falsehood-Exposures” – and so forth.

*****{(“) The British Nation of People
has been, and continues to be,
both over-consuming and over-wasting
500% more than its fair-share
of this Earth’s Resources and Other Nations’ Produce(“)}