And if you’re like “me” …

You’ll welcome a few short, ‘sweet’ yet “key”
non-fiction personal guidance books
that are light and easier to carry
than the big, thick “absolute-core-foundations” {*}

{*} ‘it-is-thought-that’
our ‘British’ big-thicks should also include
Unlocking The Bible by David Pawson,
(which provides both facts and reasonings
that are not included in The Bible itself
nor in other Scriptural writings and ‘teachings’)

12 Habits You Don’t Know
that promote Healthy-Living & a Healthy-Lifestyle
by Linda Westwood.
The Little Book of Tidying
by Beth Penn
The Mindgates Blueprint
your access-code to the power of your mind
by Jane H. Tepley

—– time to- ‘about-turn’ ‘into self & immediate-environment sustainworthying once again —