“Alivo ?”

“Pulling yourself together -”
is the “standard” English
for a range of situations and necessary-immediate-actions,
such might ‘otherwise’ be worded
“wake up!”
“look in!”
“hey, you!”
“prepare to move” –
“quick-asharp now”
“step lively”

This present ‘publisher’ has just awoken,
“found the “inner-mind-suggestion

‘Within yourself – Get within yourself –
Be within-ing yourself -“

then “that mind’s ‘mate'” started adding :-

“Do not touch, look at, nor even think about,
anything you do not now need to be doing” –

My ‘problem’ is
that I often actually need a bath –
you know, to sit down in
and lie back in
and to take the weight off my legs;
but in this (‘new’ and ‘better’ bungalow there is only a ‘shower’)

and the ‘problem’ doesn’t end there either
but only makes-evident ‘deeper-issues’-
“If I truly need a shower,
“have I earned it”
“how much have I earned, deserved, or ‘warranted’ it –
for how-long may I run that
‘common-capital-property asset’ ?”


With any luck
we may find ourselves

for more of such
eh ?