Your Lone Guidance(s)

Even before you started your
“7-Fold Divine-Human Self-Control Lifelong Task” –
[which arguably was in your mother’s womb as a foetus]
you were
“being-moved and being controlled”
“other-than-your-conscious-self-&-own-choices ‘powers’ “.

As a baby then infant then child,
you were still “being controlled”
whilst your
“7-Fold Lifelong
Divine Individual-&-Collective
was both unfolding within you
and simultaneously
‘inviing’ you take increasing control
successively & cumulatively
over each such major ‘natural-growth’ stage;

and this is still continuing
both voluntarily and involuntarily
throughout your adult lifespan.

Leaping forward now
into the time when you began
acquiring non-fiction books
to help guide you through Life –
you, me, and ‘countless-other-people all around the World’
are needing such “Life-Guidance” possessions.

Here and now,
we can find whole lists of such wholesome-guidances
even “Look Inside” many before buying them.

Today –
going on into tomorrow,
the day-after-tomorrow,
the whole next week, next month, next year,
next ‘decade’ & ‘remaining-lifespan’
we need our guidances to be not only
but ‘quite-immediately-thereafter’
‘our social-life-effectivising’
as well as
‘our whole worldwide Civilisation “sustain-worthy-ing” ‘.

A few of us therein are following
the ‘Basics’ and ‘Foundations’
from the Lists visible via
and this site
Currently we are taking
“one-day-at-a-time” guidances

Your Body:
biofeedback at its best
without instruments and artificiality
(Prof Beata Jencks) ;
Beginning in Chapter 4
with a ‘Slow Walk’
365 Days Wih Self-Discipline
(Martin Meadows)
Today is Day 263 (of this year 2019)
On Fragility Caused by Comfort
(Dr Paul Pearsall)
Chapter Ten is on a
“Booster System: a 30-days program”.

Day 19: This is
‘tender talk day’ –
a day to analyze your vocabulary
and to make sure that what you are saying out loud
is something you want
your own supersystem to ‘hear’.

Some of us become very careless in our speech,
using many more negative words than we should …
but behaviours affect how we feel
and we can change the way we feel
b talking the way we would like to feel.
If it is true that people are what we tell them they are,
then we ourselves are what tell ourselves we are. “

Nextly (tomorrow) we’ll be continuing through
Jencks’s: Ch 4 [“sampling different was of moving ourself ];
Meadows’s: Day 263 “On Thinking For Yourself“;
Pearsall’s: the 20th Day [Friday 20092019] “Today is ‘touch day” .