The “Support” Problem

Every-one needs at least one “sober-&-caring” supporter in life;

and that’s as well as or apart-from
having a complementary therapist some of the time –

– actually in this 21st millennium
one needs a “standby” therapist all the time,
in case needed for either a “one-off” or a “series or course”. –

Therapists theirselves need to have
at least one such continual personal-therapist,
and maybe that’s quite apart from having
a professional-therapy-consultant too.

There follows yet another “problem” therein, ‘though;
and that is the one of
“suitability, compatibility,
[quite seriously focally]
24/7 wholistic-living–integration”.
(1) suitability has the sense of
“being the right
(and best possible available and affordable)
form of therapy for your ‘case’ or need”;

(2) compatibility” has the sense of
“comparative, contrasting,
even conflicting
‘private-lifestyles’, ‘world-views’ (etc)”.

(3) “Wholistic lifestyle integration”
For instance:
CG Jung required his clients
to see him at least twice a week and no more than three times
in order to help prevent
[into an old wrong habit that may still feel “right”.].
I have found with Shiatsu that
it works fine as long as one is down on the futon and with the therapist.educator.

But as soon as one starts getting up onto their feet,
they become increasingly at risk of such
and none of the Human-Development,
offer any adequate
“Integration-&-NewGoodHabituation Service”.

It was worth mentioning ?