Amongst one’s self-consciousnessing
one finds “weaknesses”
as it were “a-lurking”*;

one such being that of one’s

Yours faithfully just came across this
whilst attempting to
carry to the kitchen
several ‘awkward’
left-over snacking items –
including the ‘notoriously-slip-off-the-edge-able’
jammy knife,
all on a thin-plastic slippery-wet plate –

but at the first ‘real’ obstacle**
the hardly-ajar living room door,
with coats hanging on it and concealing
the door-handle which was essential
(every-one had habituated)
for pulling such a door open.

‘Luckily’ for me, my “under-consciousness” need
to increase my focus into my right-hand,
for that handle underneath my top-jacket,
thus leaving the left hand ‘prone’
to uncontrolled tilting,
was performed slowly enough to allow
“the two of us together’ awaring –
thus becoming
able to
keep the left-hand crockery sufficiently level
pulling gently-slowly at the jacket
{ “praise God” }
successfully . . .

Thus we have discovered the
“under-mind’s ‘foci-abyss’ ”
such being possibly made up of smaller “foci-gaps”
or perhaps in more common experiential terms
“one-focus-gap at a time -“
{ ‘ Suite Gee-It’s-Us ‘}

==========Welcome to ‘Sunday”‘==========

* ‘a-lurking’ because
some nevertheless appear to be
“open to being ‘observed’ “-
even, ‘as-it-were’,
” -friendlily conditionally-friendly”
.** balancing not only the precarious-load but one’s “whole-bleddy-body”
across the pitch-dark floor*** to that door
having fraught with ‘more-minor’ obstacles.
.*** being memberous within “S&CCo-S’ing”
one ‘naturally’ is
‘lone-self-stewardly’ committed to
which in turn
even at just before 1st-Light
can ‘add-up-to’
and in this case, had.