your publisher’s notebook
Newly-ordained CofE deacon “Rom”
in a Leatherhead U.K. church
one day from the pulpit
[i.e. ‘educated’ the congregation]

[“] Early one morning
the Christ-Jesus ‘loaned’ three men
different amounts of
{then called ‘Talents’}
10 to one, five to the next, and 1 to the ‘third’
with the Task
(“) Make the best you can from this money today,
and return it all to me this evening (“) –
the one with 10 talents returned with 40 talents
the one with five returned with 15 talents
the one with 1 talent returned with only 1 talent
‘smartly’ reporting
that he had kept it safe by folding it into his ‘sweat-cloth’ **
burying it in the ground for the day.

Jesus noticed this,
that the man had not worn his sweat-cloth
therefore had not worked that day
and Jesus ‘justly-wrathfully’ said
(“) Thou ‘trickster’,
you could at least have used usury
to double that amount
and come back with 2 talents,
‘thou lazy blighter’
[or words to such effect) [“].

** the sweat-cloth was essential during working hours
to be tied around the forehead
to keep the sweat from running into the eyes.

Today’s “Learning”

and apart from ‘learnning’,
as there is no such thing nor person as a

(Note :-
and as Dr Albert Schweitzer responded
to a certain millionairess’s question about his having
“discovered the secret of healing”

{“} No doctor ever healed any-body.
All any-one can do

is help the person
to heal their-self{“}.

especially in our “Liberated”, “Democratic”, “Developed”
“1st World”,
and “Leading”

Classroomed learners
should remove all of their clothes

and have
exfoliating gloves
two body-brushes
[one firmish the other softish].

This is because :

Especially when seated most of the time,
every/any-one needs to be
generally maintaining theirselves

all learners should maintain theirselves nakedly.