New “Challenge”

(Originally published in 2019:
now slightly updated)

Saturday 04 February 2023>


Is our new “One-&-Only-Correct” World-View
to be one of
The global-Rise-&-Dominance of
“Surveillance-Capitalism” ?

{ ? “What the Heck is ‘surveillance-capitalism’ ” ? }


The book is
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
The Fight For a Human Future
At The New Frontier Of Power
by one
Shoshana Zuboff
an established
“true prophet of the ‘Information Age’ “
and Professor Emerita at Harvard Business School, USA.

Anyone ?

Would anyone ‘out there’ care
to “put us in The Picture”
‘condense’ this ‘Thing’
‘a nutshell’
(of a hundred words or les) ?

Here is our Lifeplace-Matters publisher’s email response
to the above publication’s
background, prospect, and author :-

 (1)  “One human being needs just one human living”
(2)  The deep and ‘viral-like’ mind-functional neglect here is that
” “Power’ without prerequisitely necessary & sufficient
core-workplace Ability
and ongoing further skilling,
and without
‘preceding’ lifeplace worldwide-public
generic-educating and Enabling
is not only “monomaniacly-domineering”
the Ultimate in Crime
(3)  And in ‘Holocaustic-Blasphemy’ 
[‘spiritually-broadly’ see
the  Bishop-of-London’s Lent-Book 
The Eight Deadlier Sins (by Hubert Libby  c 1950) “…
 (“) from this progressively evil brood
[of Blindness-of-Heart; Pride; Vainglory; Hypocrisy; Envy; Hatred, Malice;
and All-Uncharitableness (qua Hardness-of-Heart) “] –
good Lord deliver us… (“)
Which is not at all unlike the
multi-directional/dimensional* Maslow ‘triangle’;
 or the Dr Claire Weekes’s   
Four Progressive Fatigues Help For Your Nerves 
also showing how many psychiatric diagnoses of “Depression” are erroneous,
the true situation being one of “progressive-fatigue”
 “if the first (Physiological) fatigue isn’t dealt with,
Emotional Fatigue also sets in;
then Mind-Functional Fatigue;
 finally Spiritual Fatigu
e (“) “both legs are already
fast sliding down
into the grave(“).

For definitive and experiential work on “the Spirit”
and on “practically ‘better’  human-movement development”;
Anatomy of Spirit  (Caroline Myss)
The Thinking Body  (Mabel Todd)
Wisdom of the Body Moving (Linda Hartley)
Somatics (Thomas Hanna).
Since many such non-fiction advances are being made,
but are neither taken into account by ‘our’ humankind’s
top-planners’ and governance-commanders, nor
are not even mentioned in many universities’ catalogues

One exception I have come across is People Skills (Robert Bolton) –
 in which the first “Roadblocks” and last “Method III” sections
 are really ‘mandatory’
“worldwide humankind foundational lifeplace education enablements
and workplace training skillings”. (My wording),

Thus out of my State Pension I have for many years been running
three no-for-profit, power nor prestige voluntary e-sites

and have also submitted more than 700 submissions
to the UK Westminster House of Lords’s sitting-members’
small extra-mural group’s
comments-blog e-site
and all of which they have published
‘verbatimly’ (mistakes and all)

which may show some real-life
extents, foci, and ‘prioritisation-needs’.
a propos
matters passing through the UK Westminster Parliament Houses.
I think that a visit to should show a whole range
of “Hidden, even Deliberately-Concealed & Neglected”
publications and apposite comments and ‘appendices’ thereto.
 I have just received your book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
which i shall now begin endeavouring to “come-to-terms-with”
With best regards,
John S.D.Miles.