“Essentially – #1”

See The New Health Revolution by Ross Horne :-

[“] The human body is essentially “vegetarian” and not “carniverous”,
based upon the comparitive and contrastive lengths of the Gut;

The human body health-evolutionarily****
needs to be comprised of
80%-alkalised and 20%-acidified
tissue & respiratory-functioning
our human-bodies have been ‘forccd’ o become
only 10% alkalised but 90% acidified;

the ‘Natural-Status,
and thereby also ‘Remedy’ for such Imbalance
is for
the individual human-being
the whole-human-civilisation
to be consuming “Q and Q-wise”
far less Animal protein and cooked-foods
but far more non-cooked vegetable protein
and raw-ripe vegetable-&-fruits foods;

**** God-created-Natural-Evolution