The “Right Basics” Sequel

In comprehending
and then actually-doing
much from the foregoing posts,
both ‘mind’ and ‘body’ discoveries will have been happening, too.

Take the immediately-previous clarification of
with its “shaping” property –
as an instance here
whilst assembling a ‘flat-packed’ quality bookcase
I have found two ‘shapes’ needing to be ‘watched’
(1) my bodyparts shapings
as I manhandle each part, each tool, and each fastener

since I have at first had the thing up on a smaller ‘coffee-table’
within an already fully furnished living-room,
wobbling a we bit,
I’ve had to be particularly slowly and carefully
and the extent of my clothing,
as I walk around the thing
and between the other items of furniture.
I’m now ‘wondering’ –
how I’ll “shape-up” and “make further sense”
when considering the other three domains –
of Time, Weight, and Flow –


Little doubt you too, the “doing-reader”
will be “newly-experiencing”