Your Most Difficult Essential

Is twofold

1. Thrivally-Surviving
your surrounding Civilisation’s and Communities’

shortcomings, corruptions, ignorances,
and lack of ability & willingness to become
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”.
2. “Lone-Self-Sustainworthying”
replacing ‘wrong-habits-that-feel-right’
with ‘right-ones’

– habits of thought and belief –
as well as of body and emotion.
Start buying
and not just ‘reading’

any or all

of the recommended* non-fiction
‘Lifeplace-Enabling & Self-Explorational’

listed here-below
and in

A useful further one could be
“Self-Care for the Real World”
by Narain & Phillips.

today any and probably every book you start into
needs you to be “up-dating” every page,
maybe every word, idea, sense or meaning,
with your own life-experience’s wordings.
(2) and *
your real-life experience so-far
[and not necessarily any of your “Work” or “Workplace” experience]
may well be your best “recommendation”
as to wh(193at guidance and habituation
you in future take-on, follow, or emulate.

Other “essential snippets”
from such emulable “Self-&-Lifeplace-Enabling”
sources might be
(“) We are here simply to help others,
as well as ourselves,
to be moving ourselves better (“)
[Prof Dr Mabel Todd in
The Thinking Body (1937)]
Any-one not supporting a peaceful revolution
is supporting bloody-ones”
[he late US President John F. Kennedy]