“Perfecting” the “Experts”

0240W140819 Continuing “Perfecting the Publisheds”
‘Of old’, The Australian Internatinal Conflicts Resolution Network’s publication
Everyone Can Win
should have been ‘pre-pondered’ to yield instead the essentially clearer and more ‘honest-to-God’
Every-One Can Win

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying
Movement-Improvement Movement”
publisher –
just bought a serious book
in further support of the newly-‘evolving’ factor that
“Life-Itself-‘Trumps’-Human-Civilisation” –

it is called
Self Care for the Real World
by Narain & Phillips,
(two “honest-to-God ‘livers’ “; 2017).

Already I have “scrutinised” some of it,
beginning with the title