“Coincidentally ?”

In the ‘interim’ between

the posting of the main ‘Self-Movement-Improvement’ guidances
in the previous “KnowHow-Knowledge”
immediately below this ‘addendum’
the adding of do-able examples.

a new movement-book
Mindful Movements
Ten exercises for well-being
by Thich Nhat Hanh
arrived on this publisher’s desk.

This is an opportune moment to
‘pause’ –
‘strategicly’ =

and prepare to “welcome”
such lesser-“constitutionally-foundational”
but practically-useful books.
The Moving Center by Kathlyn Hendricks;
The Centering Book by Guy Hendricks;
Holistic Living by Patrick Pietroni;
The Busy Person’s Guide To Easier Movement by Frank Wildman
There are many others:
among which must be explicitly-briefly mentioned a particular “raison d’etre one
The Thinking Body
by Prof Dr Mabel Todd [1937]
who ‘realised’ the answer to her burning-question~”What are we doctors really here for ?”
“We are here to help the person./patient
or patient’person –
to move theirselves better”.