The New “Bottom-Line”

Plainly and simply
each human being on this Earth
from top-to-bottom & bottom-to-top
needs to be

top-importance & immediate urgency


A Constitution lays-down how the organisation is to be governed

and in our Humankind-on-Earth case-at-hand
not just our “Topmost” UN Constitution and separate Nation-States’ very-varying Constitutions
but every level ‘downwards’
of constitution founding and up-dating

needs to contain already-genericly-published
Knowledge-&-KnowHow Guidances and Sources
including such as those titles
already listed for the ‘World-Pub;lic’s Eye’
as ‘Basics’ or ‘Foundations’

and herein].
The great ‘insidious’ failure of our
[ wrongly-titled * ]
“Democratic” Systems is that they
hugely-overdo Quantities of words
& therewih become also “trapped” in overdoing and faulting
the even-more-proliferous Verbal-&-Legalistic-Meanings
of words

whilst grossly minimising intercommunication and conprehension of
the Quallties and Senses
of key and definitive Words

and likewise all Governancial Parliaments,
from the UN right down through Nation-States,
Local-Governments, and Neighbourhood-Associations,
to be even descriptively ‘lighting-up ‘
the-true Situational-Needs-&-Hows Situations at Issue” –

let alone ever arriving at even the right-essential and
preliminary facts, factors and scrutiny-questions.

Since the truth and effectiveness
of non-fiction video documentaries, News, and FV Reports
is also largely controlled by the terminology
and the musical-mood backgrounds
behind and within them,

video’d communication is
also palpably
to fail.

.* ‘wrongly-titled’ because they have long been
and have more than once been identified –
by historians, governancial,
and human-developmental experts
as being
“at best three-party-states, oligarchicly controlled”

but worse,

further researching expertise has found, and book-published, that

such a Domineering Elite and its Offspring
has for 5000 years
been continuously ‘cleverly’ domineering The World –

including the now ‘historically’ 500 years old
Age of Worldwide European Colonialism

and including
Establishmentarially instituting
[of which
“our trusty, longstanding, British
Monarchically Privilege-ocratic

is still being bankruptcy-inviting-costly held up and bloatingly-promoted
even world-wide
as a “fine-shining natgional success”-instance]