Therapists need therapy, too

A somewhat ‘outstanding’ or ‘exemplary’ therapist would be
Frank Forencich
as can be found “contactable”, “followable”, “emulable”,
through his publication
Beautiful Practice .
“Frank was named by Experience Life magazine as
‘One of the five Visionaries
leading the ‘charge’
to better health and a healthier-world’ “.
[ On the back cover].

Just by “reading” here and there,
I (your ‘publisher here)
have been
‘effectively- prompted’
‘at least ‘minimally’
to begin some ‘safe-for-me to do’
‘slightly more vigorous
self-movement ‘sessions with myself.

I had unawarely been slipping into
making the fact that –

“because of one’s impairments
one needs always
to begin
gently, slowly, small-ly
and to regularly-frequently
Rest [horizontally]” –

become “the Rule”