How ” Values-‘Change’ ” ?

British Judges have to respect,
and legally-uphold,
the Nation’s


Yet many life-essential values are


some being ‘up-rated’
some ‘down-‘

Many “new” values are appearing;

and even more-in-number
and have been deeply-generationally imbedded and

In each such ‘directionality’
( upwards or downwards )

some values become shown-up as being
“good” – even non-negotiably-‘perfect’ –
whilst others rare found to be
“not-fit-for-purpose” – or even outrightly “corrupt”

whilst perhaps even more ‘values;
that are in fact continuing “covered-up;y”
to be and to operate “corruptly”
“corrupting-ly” in some way or other
and are actually
constitutionally, legislatively, judicially,
and by “historical-habituation”
daily-rehearsed and one-way publicised –
literally “hose-piped”,
“national-security-like water-cannoned” upon us majoities
all through the media, TV programmes, documentaries and news
“dressed-up “
in gloriously-glaring and cowingly-intimidating
weaponries, uniforms and liveries
and in regular Queen’s Honours Lists and TV “success” features.-
It is no “success”
to be consuming-&-wasting
500% more than our fair share
of this Earth’s Lifesupportive-Resources
and of our
Worldwide Civilisations’ Produce

even more consterningly
is it at all Immediately and Longest-Termly

nor is it at all ‘immediately-&-longest-termly’