“Oh! I Just Forgot – “

to mention,

– when giving Today’s Foci
in this morning’s
“Fresh Life Net”
[ http://lifefresh.net ]

although including the quite vital little old-English saying:temporary-mantra
say ‘when’
( which later in the day now ‘says’
that it is in the
‘Human-Intercommunication-Vocabulary-Section” )
possibly more ‘importantly’ might be the
“Bio-Environmental-Stewardship-Supportiveness’s ‘memo’ –

“Don’t forget to water your Indoor plants -“

(1) Do not water nor even ‘lightly-sprinkle’ the flowers nor the leaves –
simply soak the soil around the base of the stem –
in a tray underneath any pot(s)
enough water to cover the drainage holes –
so that the soil in the pot does not dry-out around the edges
(thus causing future top-watering to immediately ‘fail’ by running straight down the inside of the pot
and not entering the soil where the plant’s roots need it to be .
Any horticulturist will also remind that
“plants don’t like ‘wet-feet’ all night –
so water them [‘underneath’] first thing in the morning