Periphery’s Vital Priority


of randomly-listed
but affordably published

by mainstream-malfeasantly-neglected

Female World-Leading

Beata Jencks;
Linda Hartley;
Caroline Myss;
Mabel Todd;
Caroline Dweck;
Dorothy Green …

and many more such ‘mere women’

In 2001, MIND asked me
– as a new management-committee member
who had “survived psychiatry” and was “still articulate” –
to attend an evening ‘alternative-therapies book-launch’
by a professor of medicine at Plymouth University, and ‘report-back’.

I had already been trying to do some ‘extra-mural-public’ research
in that Seale Hayne Library
but been finding that
many individual-human-development
and complementary-therapy
affordably-published advances
were not only ‘missing’ from any of the many shelves there,
but not even traceable on the university’s computer-catalogues.

So I took along an armful of such books,
and 5 minutes before the talk began,
the professor glanced through the titles
and responded thus :

“We don’t have such books because we are not teaching them”
and turned on his heels and strode away to begin his talk
[on his “periphery”].


Many of the advances are being made by women researchers
and ‘mixed’ teams,
the ‘woman’ is still ‘beneath-top-merit-recognition’.

Not only is the whole of our human-civilisation
and whole worldwide population-education
suffering from the resultant
that are increasingly in train,
but so are all of this Earth’s Lifesupports –
“being driven to obviation and extinction”
by “blatant neglect and politico-academic ‘bigotry’.