Full Cost-Planning Needed

Since –
British “culturally” and “govern-mentally”

“As long as you can
get out of bed,
get into your bath.
and out again,
and then dress yourself

you have no other Needs

and therefore
you do not need any other help
nor any Care Plan”

is the Enforced British Law and Social-Practice


as reported in our previous post “Complete a Human Needs List”

the cost of a’mere’ sitter for 7-hours is charged
by Government
against the Taxpayer
at a rate of
£500 per day of 7-hours.

£70+ per hour
£500 for a 7-hour piece of mere ‘sitting’
that’s below “Carer” level
by an employee being paid the minimum wage,

{ someone ringing urgently – hold on a minute, please }


since we can’t ‘qualify’ to be “complete-human-beings”


can we at least begin
to do our
of our own

“Life Cost-&-Sustainworthy-Effectiveness Planning ?”