Complete a Human Needs list

Sir David Attenborough,
in the seriously non-fiction documentary TV hour
“How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth”
as the ‘host’ to younger scientists
who are making further advances
but whom the Public does not yet “know” and “recognise”
and so does not “tune-in-to”

clearly indicated that
[“] the human-being has many essential Needs,
not just food, water, shelter and right-activity[“]

British Constitutional
Monarchy, Establishment, Government, Civil-Service,
and ‘General-Electorate’
not only all think that, but also legally-enforce


[“] As long as you can get out of bed,
get into and out of your bath,
and dress yourself –
you have no other Needs

do not need any Care-Plan” [“]
Furthermore, the cost-to-taxpayers
for a mere 7-hours “Sitter”
[not even a qualified “Carer”]
when your own 24/7 voluntary and unpaid carer
has to be away for the day for further caring-training purposes

that single-day ‘cost’,
(for just one mere-young yet even in-herself quite competent, sitter
just from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

is invoiced against Westminster Central Government tax-funds
by Local Government Adult Social Care Offices
as being