Re: “Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing”

Our full interim-title is

Charity Begins At Home”
So we need to non-selfishly
but first-&-foremostly
commit to “self-improvement” –
which in practice and overall “sense” becomes

lone self-improvement in the Lifeplace” –

(i) using the appropriate non-fiction individual-human-development
(ii) in the 128 hours per week Lifeplace
[not in the 40 hrs Workplace
where you must limit your conduct
to remaining within-your-appointed-skill & task]
(iii) use every ‘spare’ timeframe and moment to be
one or more
of your chosen self-improvement-explorations or ‘exercises’.

Today I am further ‘self-committing’ –
to a “new” guidance
Self Hypnosis
Reach Your Full Potential Using All of Your Mind
by Valerie Austin
published 2012 by Hay House Basics
{“The Hay House Basics series features world-class eperts sharing their knowledge on the topics that matter most for improving your life”)

As your ‘publisher’ –
and with recognitions to one of my university professore-of-old
lawlor jjj
I should include
marginal notes
and “real-life-experience refinements”
that I have previously come across
and made some sort of note of
during my now 90-years-long ‘little-life-journey’ :-

e.g. “There is really no such person or ‘thing’as a “Hypnotist”,
only an “Experienced ‘expert’ who can help you hypnotise* yourself “.

In other words, you choose the kind of “personal-mindset”
and ‘trance’ (or main-focus) therein
that you need or want to practise correctly.
The ‘hypnotist’- ‘merely’ – helps you to achieve that ‘chosen-self-state’.

It is very much n initial ‘mind’ clarification,
the same as
There is no such person or ‘thing’ as a “Healer” – only “Self-Healing Helpers”.
The process actually starts in a differently-named “normal-wellness-maintaining basic”
“Self-Relaxation Enablement”.

So “we” now “pick our way” -even ‘browsingly’ – ‘selectively’
through this ‘new’ “Expert Guidance”.

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