“Compromise” is Outdated

Our best teachers and leaders worldwide
have themselves progressed in Planning Problem Solving,
have been trying to lead all of us,

but have not been

neither by our governing-masters,
our Media,
our ‘Middle-Classes’

nor indeed
by sufficient numbers of our “grass roots constituents”
and “lone-self-sustainworthiers”

needing that leadership and practical-guidance


the tertially-trained-and-educated minorities-established ‘ –
[but neither Governmentally nor ‘Populisticly’ prioritised]

“Method III of ‘No-Lose’ Needs-&-Hows Recognition and “Win-Win-Win” Cooperative Problem Solving”
[see ‘People’ Effectiveness Training by Prof Dr Thomas Gordon
People Skills by Prof Robert Bolton ].
Also the same basic 6-Steps of “Win-Win-Win” [*] by Method III

that should be pre-empting and ‘trumping’
all attempts at
“Lose-Lose-Compromise [***]”

can be seen and printed-out
from any of these three
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement”
“free-to-view” e-sites

Each is not-for-profit, power nor prestige;
and supporting accelerated advance into a
“Worldwide Earth Co-Sustainworthyijng Citizenry” .


We, The People,
purely as Monarchicly-Democratic-Governance ‘stewards’
and would-be democratically-wise
‘democratic-‘experts’ [**] –

we need to acquire, practice, and keep on daily-applying
scrutinising micro-skills and abilities.
[*] “Win-Win-Win” is non-negotiably ‘defined’ as “Those attendant in the Meeting work-out a solution by which they will each get their needs & hows affordably met – and they must also “advocate” for all those who can not be in the Meeting but who might be affected by the Meeting’s result.”

The third “Win” must cover
all of those people who can not be in attendance
at the ‘No-Lose’ Meeting.
[**] “Expert” is derived from the term “experience/experienced”
[***] An instance
of the “conflictual” wastage
of “compromise”
where “Win-Win-Win” was called for
is given by The Australian International Conflict-Resolution Network” [Educator Shoshana Fair in their Workshop]

“A family on Monday morning, father and mother still a-bed, two children boy and girl descend to the kitchen to pack their bags for the day at school.

Only one orange in the middle of the table.
“I need the orange” says the girl but the boy reaches out and takes it saying “No, I do!)

Since the ‘clock is ticking’ and their respective buses were almost due, one of them says “That’s easy then, we cut it in half”.


That evening mother enquires “What was the fuss in the kitfhen this morning ?”

“Oh, just there was only one orange left and we both needed it” nto the room

Father happened into the doorway –
(To the girl) “What did you need it for ?”
“I had to have the zest for my cookery class”.
(To the boy) “And you ?”
“I need it for my lunch”.

(Father) “Then if you’d only practiced Method III
and given yourselves a minute or so longer,
you could each have “win-win-win” had 100% of what you each actually needed ?”