“So Where Are We ?”

What Now Is Our “Predicamental-Situation” ? 

What “evidences” are,
or should be, 
both visible and discussable/scrutinisable/debatable
on everyone’s “Democratic Table,

and what facts/factors/findings
are still “off” our Tables
 –  “hidden” from common and democraticly-effective view –

and what
amongst both the visible and invisible informations
are maybe subject to
“spin-doctoring”/”distortion”/ “existential-denial”/” ?

We now should ‘know’,
from non-fiction publications,

and from documentaries
such as revealed on Eden TV
by Sir David Attenborough,
as ‘host’ to a number of groups of younger research scientists
and seriously-objective world-observers :
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth ?

that one major “evil-disaster-in-progress”
has been
‘straight from the shoulder’
reported thus

(“) When we divide this Earth’s
and this Global-Civilisation’s
Resources and Produce
by the number of People Worldwide [i.e. 7-billion+]
and then summarise
what proportion of the total-resources/produce
is being consumed
(including much wasted)
by the various National Populations of the World,

we find that (pointedly)
China is ‘overconsuming’
10% more than its fair-share


the USA is ‘overconsuming’
900% more than its fair-share


Britain (the UK) has long been and still is
more than its fair-share.

shows that the British People (for instance)
number 64 million
in the constitutional shape of a
of “rewards” and “pay-grades”

such that the total 500%-more-than-fair-share
is being much further disproportioned
by the “richest” each consuming “multiple-human-livings” –
[bank-directors for instance
‘thinking themselves as many as 200 human-beings each
“therefore” – ‘needing’ – 200 human-livings each –

[ Note: One-sufficient human-living
(qua the “Guaranteed Minimum Income”)
(world-leading-first historicly written into law in UK by ‘New Labour’)
now totals £15,500 per year +
about £300 per week ] –
Yet, each bank-director*
at least
£1,000,000 a year pay-and-bonuses = £20,000 per week

“making” them each literally
both personally and ‘class’ Deluded …
(and ‘Others-Deluding’) … “

* not just the Top-CEO

And this “rich-super-fattening profiteering-pyramid”
has the “poorest” consuming maybe
less than their fair share
of our common-resources and produce
whilst the “socially-mobile” pay-pyramid people
have upwardsly increasingly
many times
than-their-fair-share of our common resources and produce.

In the international TV universities
Environmental Studies course
run by Australia (late 199Ts)
Professor David Smith concluded that
[“} With the Earth’s resources graph now going increasingly downwards,
but the GDP and StockMarkets showing
a continual historical upward trend
in availabiliy of goods & services
‘Someone has to get it through to the Economists
that they have a basic equation wrong somewhere’ [“] ;
Senior Professor Jonathan Stone therewith similarly stated that
[“] Our human-race has become a Plague upon this Earth [“}.
That course was on-air in USA
as well as in Australia and other countries
as long ago as 1980

and yet still

even in our
‘Western-World-Leading 1st World Developed Countries’
we have made insufficient constructive advance
both in
(1) Individual-&-Collective Human Development
and in
(2) Environmental-Lifesupports Supportiveness.


The “Bigger-Picture” has therefore emerged

The Dominant Global Human Civilisation
is Fundamentally
Both Deluded and Corrupt

and is in urgent top-priority Need of a
to make it and all ensuing civilisations
as well as

To this “end” come our three voluntartily-altruistic
not-for-profit, power nor prestige

which advisedly-informatively promote
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement Improvement”

including a ‘secondary’ aim of leading forwards into an

“Earth-Lifesupportive Worldwide-Lifeplace Citizenry”