How “-on” Are We Today ?

Every day begins at 6a.m. –
“six-hundred-hours” in historic lingo

and today Sunday is no exception –

I have an “envir- on ment”

our “point” is to be preparing both
of our 1st-order dichotomistional “-ons” – – all around us, and “in” us –

our “Environment” was there first, of course

and only minimally “consciously” have we been all our days, hours, minutes and split-seconds been



often ‘betwixt’ – “conflictionally” –

our “invironments”
and our
environments” –

and we have also had to be


as well as
and both
of these two ‘inescapable’ “-onments”
So –
let’s be ‘getting on‘ with ‘it’ now, eh ?? [*]
What are you onto ?



[*] This now ‘publisher’
was possibly the first Regular British Army infantry platoon commander
to be given command of four anti-tank guns –

6-pounders left over from the North-African part of WW2 –
which nonetheless could have been “useful” if the 10-to-1 outnumbering us ‘Soviet’ Armies suddenly marched down
to occupy not only the east mediterranean lands
but “our” Egyptian Canal Zone, too –
[thus turning our mere one infantry battalion (< 1,000 men)
into “desert-warfare guerrillas”]
and so ‘my’ 30 men,
immediately after their Aqaba stint in 1949
(to keep the peace
between the ‘new’ state of Israel
and its immediate neighbour Transjordan
and its still adversarially-active Arab-Legion)
had to become further-trained
[out of of just the one Manual
left over from WW2 and handed to me
to “get-on-with”]
as “artillery-gunners” –

the “on” point here being
that one gunner had to ‘lay-on’ to the target
and shout “On!”
[ and the ‘ossifer’ –
safely many yards away to one side behind binoculars –
had to shout back “Fire!” ].
Yes, that was a “Destructive” – possibly eveb overrchingly or underlurkingly “evil” use
of the simple term “On” –
a “Destructivism, and “Evil”
even including Holocausts and Genocides
and Water-Board Torturings
and worse –

still to this day euphemisticly “defined” as
“Shadow” stuff.
So, I’m now “sorting”
this “new” “HQ” –
for further
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement” –

what are you
on-to ?