Improving Our Living Ability

You might have already reached for a bottle of water first

whilst perhaps doing a bit of
BBC Brains Trust’s
Dr Joad thinking
“It all depends on what you mean by “Improving” and then “ASbility … “

[and the issue would pass to the next “Brains Trust” expert ]
“What do we mean by each of those terms ?”

With the facts and factors I have been seeing and remembering,,
and mostly in my 90+ years on this Earth,
finding them to be honestly and clearly published

as against many purported facts and factors which are (to use the recent Donald Trump brief Twitter
“fake – that’s all fake news …”

Three vital “Needs & Hows” are missing
from our Democratic and
“Developed First World”
Cultures, Neighbourhoods, Families and Constitutions

1. ” ‘No-Lose’ Method III “win-win-win” cooperative Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative Problem Solving”
[see the original People* Effectiveness Training
by Dr Thomas Gordon
actually published in three different versions titled respectively
Parent , Teacher , and Leader Effectiveness Training
People Skills
(by Prof Robert Bolton0.