One’s “Self” needs one’s help

As the human-life thinker Gurjieff penned (that) :-
[ “We are each more than just one ‘self’_
we are quite largely overall a collection of “other-selves”
i.e. mother’s habitual-behaviours and father’s-

which we ‘unconsciously emulated or just ‘copied’.

Increasingly we came to ‘copy’ many other “emulable” behaviours, conducts, and habits ]” –



every one of Others’-behaviours or ‘teachings’ –
that we have ‘made-our-own’ –
are as good and right
as we might have been led –
and then left
to believe –
even to go on believing “for Life”.


That is why in the Lifeplace,
when we come to ‘word-smith-ing’ a title
for a new group, team, association, or company
we need to begin with some clear indication that our aim has to begin with “Mutual-Self-Impeovement”.

Thus we found the title for this voluntarily-altruiastic and not-for-profit, power, nor prestige e-site to be shown through the heading

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-Worthy-ing Movement-Improvement Movement”

to adequately fill the initial public need for a clear Purpose.

We need to progress now by “Levels”
& by

This also involves us in both ‘Immediate-Shortest-Term planning and ‘execution’ –
Longhest-Term Strategic ‘Strategic Planning,

And all the while we each,
and sometimes all,
try to keep our “Situationings”
“actually-do-able” –
And if we’ve been astute or ‘lucky’,
we might have actually done, or seriously begun to do,
some of the advances that have been made
by a “pioneer”” or “research-team” from time-to-time.

And nowadays many sober and sobering non-fiction advances are being published yearly –

but no Authority – not UN, not Government, not even Schools and Universities
make these new knowledges and know-hows known to the Public …

and we have to sort through them somehow in ordeer to be a truly-here-7-now Lifesupportive-Humn-being on this Earth1 and the Next …