BBC “Brains Trust” – Joad.

The radio announcer speaks:
“Welcome to the BBC Brains Trust round-table
where today’s participants include
Margaret Mead,
J.B. Priestley,
Bertrand Russell,
visiting us from Australia Dorothy Green,
and lasr but by no means least
‘though often quite briefly spoken,
Dr C. Joad
who prefers to be known not for his “philosophy” expertise but for what occupies much more of his own
and his university students’ time,
We usually manage up to five topics in this regular weekly half-hour,
first very briefly putting one key fact or factor each
“on the table”
then again briefishly
conversing about the “scenario-so-far”
before entering into “co-conversing” upon an initial focus and then
entering into all-round cooperatively-participatory Discussion
in turns around the table ‘clockwise’
where any participant
needs to make an “intervention” or “point-of-order”
in which case s/he presses her/his
individualy-pitched little horn,
Our first topic tonight is

“Our-versus-The, or The-versus-Our, Future”

Dr Joad’s horn immediately sounds:
“Dr Joad, please”:

“It all depends upon what you mean by ‘Future'”,