Humankind’s Self-Extinction

A major flaw

in the supposed-near-perfection of
the Man-Made-Constitutional Workplace*
the Naturally-Intrinsic
and-Civilisationally Enabling Lifeplace**

is that

the ‘higher-up’ the Social-Mobility ‘ladder’
a person academicly-qualifies
the more “correct” –
and therefore “acceptable-&-enforceable” –
their writings and speakings must be judged to be held.

both the lower-down in academic-qualification
and the lower down in pay-grade
a person is held to be
by the socially-mobile hierarchy’s highest-pay-graded few
or their underlings
the more ‘flawed’ and ‘excludable’ that submitting person’s communication must be;

and therefore so must any “issue”, “conflict”, “problem” “need” and “solution-part”
submitted to a public or an authority by or on behalf of the ‘originator’
be suppressed, disqualified, and ‘expunged’ from all governance and executive tables.
Take for instance the
“Clashing International & United-Nations’ Predicamentals”
and Individuals
over-consuming their fair-share
of Earth’s and Civilisations Resources and Produce
to the tune of
900% (by the USA’s 300+ million People-&-The-State)
and 500% (by the UK’s establishment and People)
9 and 5 times more-than-their fair-share.

Of Media-‘Stop-Press’ priority
” ‘diverting’, ‘red-herring-ing’ , ‘non-sequitur-ing’ …”
in the relatively much smaller matter of
being dog-in-manger monopolistic in News and Documentary programmes
literally 24/ 7
* ‘Workplace’ = 40hrs/week ’employment’ including schooling, university-training, and specific job-skilling
.** ‘Lifeplace’ = 128hrs/week ‘living’ outside of all workplaces, and including acquisition of Lifeplace enablements