V-M-R – ing

Our dream-world can become,
as could well be’mixed-magicality,
a “merely-virtual-meeting-room” –

into which one may ‘pretend’ to be submitting-by-reading aloud –
a lost-before-saving-&-publishing a longest-term minor-
but immediate-term high-priority
{such as one penned yesterday but only its opening part having been saved
therefore only now being possible to attempt making worldwide-publicly visible :-

“Naturism & ‘Life-Education’”

Even primary schools are taken well beyond “nakedness-normalilty” into the subject of    
Procreation  –


 “sexuality” –

[ as distinct from loose-ended, dangling, weaselly=worded “porn-sex “]

but are not Lifeplace-distinctly and maturely-educationally,

taken ‘seamlessly-in-both-knowledge-&-know-how’ into

‘junctioning’ * ‘

(a) procrational sexual-intercourse

and its precursoring-needs and postparturition subsequences and consequences –

[? best-biological-initiator/trix, ‘versus’ best-social-parents?]

as being contrastingly distinct from

(b) ‘social-petting, heavy-petting,

manusl-erotic/tantra/massaging (“sex-eductional”),

& oral-“sex” (with its cunnilingus and fellatio ‘energicising skill-levels & wellnesss-promotionabiity’) /// …

* [junctioning : stipulatively ‘new’ term
with the same sort of connotation and denotation as “seamless-ing” ]


to be continued in print
and read-aloud also
until the initial “seamless-ing” concludes,
and a new “Seamless-Matter” arises
or is otherwise fairly and overtly ‘placed-on-the-table’.
for understanding, conversing, focally-conversing, cooperatively-discussing, scrutinising,
cooperative-method III ‘No-Lose’
Forwards Immediate-term
Longest-Future-Term Planning

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