On “Effectiveness” –

Those of our readers who have taken a good look through the lists of nonfictional
advances in Knowledge & Know-How
will have realised that they already encompass
our present & future
Needs & Sustainworthying-Hows;
might also have found, in “real-life”
that they are being avoided and neglected
by most ‘Mainstreams’

When just one of these ‘life-enablers’ looks ‘powerfully-helpful’ –

[such as Brown’s disc on
“Men, Women and Worthiness”
and its likeminded downloads
“Self-Acceptance”, “Mindfulness Practice”, and “Meditation Music”] ;
and yet
is not even ‘appearing’ to help overcome
the still increasingly ‘Juggernautly-Runaway
both of
Earth’s Lifesupports
and of

the key-scrutiny-question-group has to contain such sub-questions as
(i) How far and how-effectively are these old, and new, practices
actually reaching ? – and “are they themselves being inhibited,
such as by being
‘retreated-into, temporarily,
as either or all of
(1) an escape from
“Inefficient workplace and lifeplaces ;
(2) a personal-refreshment;
(3) ‘the socially-mobile professionally prestigious or ‘in-thing- to be doing”’