How Truly ‘Worthy’ Are We ?

Answer #1 :-
As a Human-Race Total on Earth
” 8 billion-‘strong’ “
grossly measured in both Quantities and Qualities –

we long ago began to become
an insidiously-increasing
and “alien”
“Plague-upon-Earth” *

‘Already’ in the 1960’s
the Earth-Itself’s “body-language’
had been showing us
that “It” was not able
to maintain
the quantities and qualities
of Lifsupports we are demanding, and wasting.

And these Lifsupports
that we are still increasingly- excessively wasting,
are in total
more than two (2) “Earths-worth” of Lifesupports
which we have chosen to be
in both
our Population-Numbers
and our
Technologially-Advancing Implments, Tools and Weapons-of-Mass Destruction
Demands –

– demands upon not just this here-&-now “Only One Earth”
but on its Overarching and Underpinning
Self-Lifesupportive-Future, too.

And we were being seen to be so excessive
by increasing numbers of People worldwide
not just by a few professors and university students.
And yet more-and-more evidently now,
not one of us
nor any United-Nations Body
is succeeding in,
becoming sufficiently effectively-organised
for the vitally-needed
and for the
Futures …

{ Further Answers and branching-Matters, are In Progress } ———————————————————————

* Lead-Professor Jonathan Stone;
Professor David Smith [author Continent In Crisis ]
Australian TV “Open University: ‘Environmental Studies- Courses 1970-80-90
[JSDM 39B PL6 5LY]