Governmental Neglect

This is another way of checking a bath’s “time-to-fill”

[- but publicly recording it is being massively delayed now
during my attempting to “urgently-loop” it;
but being interrupted and distracted
by spuriously not-needed and non-stoppable pop-ups,
for the first time a cellphone call (possibly tesco)
saying they ‘couldn’y deal with my “request”
and ‘please call ………..
(number that was too quick for me to even begin memorising)

meanwhile my alarm clock in the bathroom has already rung, 

and I need to go and use the lav anyway 

So the bathwater was safely half-flowing, and in those few minutes -(no more than 5, it was one-third full.
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” – wise

(1)  Since our thousands of Constutional, Legislative, Health, Practical-Lifeplace- Enablements Education Legal and Lifesupportive Representatives, Appointees, Career-Officers and hierarchies-of-millions-of-hugely-one-way-‘downwards’ ’empowered-& taxpayer-funded civil-servants and neighbourhood-communities’ elected and appointed officers and members –
Throughout Britain this is truly “millions” of our so-called “working-neighbours”

who have so far not effectively-addressed and made-fit-for-purpose
such essential Security services as

– essentially including the possible priorities of “sufficincy-looping”.

Nor have any of those, “our” “powers-that-be,”
made any of the above list of the ‘Responsible-Peopls” both fit-for-purpose’ and ‘response-able’.-

Nor are they 100% otherwise life-supportiwly applying our other tax-monies –

The Ruling Powers-That-Be, from top to bottom, are “Unfit-for-Purpose”,
 and thereby are in overwhelming and inhibitively-militant & undermining ruling-powers & numbers 
actually preventing The People from being “fit-for-living–on-Earth, and their offspring for living through Space on the next Human-Life-Supportive planet..

(2)  This submiitting citizen has accidentally’ found a way of ‘showing’
one ‘micro-security’-way
of remedying “progressive-short-term-memory-loss” — in the matter of ‘lone-isolationly’ running a bath without it running-over
of “Earth-citizenly” need
to spend hours daily
attempting to communicate with authorities and other powers-that-be,

and “waste-not-want-not-wise” – “do not waste time”
turned the two taps a qaurter-on,
and ‘returned to the living-room
to draft a letter
to either Government or Public – or both
[such as this “Issue” is turning out to need]
– thus, however, forgetting that the bath was running –

which in turn had no effective overflow hole
and silently overflowed gallons of warm water onto
the floor,
which in turn had not been sealed at the diving wall

and so flowed freely down into the downstairs bedroom and bedclothes.
Because of “no/insufficient improvement”
in both constitutional- governmntal fitness-for-purpose,
nor in the “short-term-memory-loss” matter,
this bathwater spillage has now happened twice.
So here is what’s transpiring :
the following emails, and publication of the Whole Matter, appear in .
Thank you