In some of the the schooling and career-training hierarchies
there are already many levels and ‘kinds’ of
“study-buddies” –

to become “buddies”
two not-necessarily-like-minded people
simply need to be “co-empathising” and “co-focusing”
i..e. sort-of
and limiting each others’ “procrastinating”
and checking every l
“slipping-back-into-a-wrong-old-habit-that-still-feels-‘right’ “.

NB ‘though
that the School, College, and University Place
is a Workplace
focusing upon training-for-careers and jobs
in the “Wider-World-Workplace”.
That is very different from
the multi-levels & grades
of Enablements continually-needed in and for The Lifeplace.

Humankind life on Earth
and within civilisations
needs many more Lifeplace-Enablments
than ‘it’ does Job-Skills for the Workplace;

and one “quite-essential”
co-learning-&-practicing support is the
or “Life-Buddy”