” ‘A”B”C’ + Facilitations

The Meeting-Place has been prepared
for a ‘Stage #1’ -to- ‘Stage #n
progression :-

‘Ultimately’ their will be ‘Meeting-Halls’
accommodating “3×3”-wise
up to (say) 270 ‘lone-individuals’
at 90 threesided tables
with (say) 30 tables-facilitators
three ‘Plenum-Dais’ Scribes and Continuity-Administrators.

We ‘notional-three-here-&-now’ participants A, B, C
and one facilitator/-tress

will begin …

Each has brought one or more
and ‘non-negotiable’

.* ‘perceptibles’ = documents, dvds, photographs
[the facilitator also has their own guidances and ‘library’
at hand
these are not permitted to be ‘threesided-tabled-for-voting-in’
but held ‘administratively-only’
and for Plenum acceptance and progression.
The facilitator also has at hand at least a sound-recorder
if not a video-camera
expressly as an added-help to the threes-table participants –

(in this case now following, for A, B, and C to unanimously agree-to )

Item 1.0 [Round-1] :-
Each in turn shows and places in the outermost ‘margin’ on the three-sided table
the first
of their “proposed-new-consitutional-guidances”.
Each-&-All ‘explicate, focally=converse, cooperatively-clarify’ what & how their submission should ‘help’ …
‘A’ has submitted
Egalitarianly Running a Co-Sustainworthying Meeting
by XYZ; January 2020

‘B’ submits
Your Body – biofeedback at its best
by Proessor Beata Jencks
[without instruments, machinery or artificiality].

‘C’ submits
How To ‘Win’ Every Argument
[by ‘spotting’ your own, as well as Others’, “fallaciousness”]
by Professor Madsen Pirie