You could have learned … ?

We, ‘Great-Britain’,
after by Referendum
{by a ” ‘majority’ of 23 million out of 65 million people”}

that our Biggest-British-Problem
was not our own
“inherent need to become up-to-date and adequately better,
in our common-citizenship-levels
Cooperatively-Participatory-Democracy-Development ,

was (and is) the fault of
the Corrupt and Domineering European-Union

and that therefore
we, the United Kingdom,
should ‘immediately’ withdraw from membership
of such a Corrupt European-Union –

and our Elected and Appointed Leaders
having literally “wasted” two whole years
literally making no progress whatsoever
even in successfully beginning this “Brexit” –

let alone before this “Blindly-Brexiting ‘Sideshow'”
those our Leaders not telling the British People of,
and leaderfully tackling,
our British-Peoples’ far worse
“international-&-global poor-relationships and survival-predicaments” –
all this time “slipping-right-through-our-fingers”
how much real & peacefully-reformative
common-purpose new-learning and advancing
could we, including ‘you’, have been making ?