Personal-Learning: Logic

We began this
“Daily-Lone-Learning & Practicing ‘Course’
with the 1st-Basic-Priority being our

within which the following published non-fiction guidances
are commendable,
and are listed in a suggested “progressively best suitable & effective” order –
[ but beginning with any one of them will be effective ].

Your Body: biofeedback at its best
(without instruments, machinery and artificiality)
by Prof Beata Jencks.

“Perceptual Self-Control”
by Prof William Powers.

by Prof Caroline Dweck.

People Skills
by Prof Robert Bolton.

by Laban & Lawrence.

by Prof Paul Pearsall.

How To ‘Win’ Every Argument
by Prof Madsen Pirie

Informal Logical Fallacies
by Prof Van Vleet

6 Thinking ‘Hats’
by Dr Edwatd de Bono.

by Prof Thomas Hanna

The Centering Book
by Hendricks & Wills
The Leader’s 2nd Leadership Manual
by Prof Arnold Mindell.

We do now need to be
simultaneously’ sharing
at least one key-foundational guidance
from each of the above.