“Mapping” guidance-sources

Our just today previous post
should have included
other empty shapes than the circle
e.g. the ‘horizontal-oval’ {facilitating more letters and words)
the rectangular, and the square, and polygonal boxes;
really also
and any ‘flow’, ‘directional’, and ‘prioritisational’ signs …

————- which could lead us on into and through “Mind-Mapping” levels ————–

and into such further ‘Planning-Decision-&-KnowHow’ guidances as
The Decision Book
Fifty models for strategic thinking
by Krogerus & Tschappeler
[which comes in 4 main Knowledge sections
(1) How To Improve Yourself
(2) How To Understand Yourself Better
(3) How To Understand Others Better
(4) …
Sister Grandmother Barbara is ‘napping’ –
during TV ‘The Chase’
her hands on lap and thigh, fingers, and greater body-parts
almost ‘morse-codely’ twitching –

awoke and quietly answered
“Mm…” (Yes, I was dreaming)
She’s ‘back off’ now,
left hand over right, on belly –
left hand fingers twitching a little, now and then
——————- [we continue with (4) …] ——————
(4) How To Improve Others.

Then finally the 5th section
(5) Now It’s Your Turn
[Drawing lesson: Model lesson; ‘My Models’ blank pages]