The Master-Purpose-Truth

Could there be more-then-one ?

When at last we begin to meet in threes-ascending-plenums
such as for
Cooperativly-Participatory-Democratisation Advancement & Enablements

and it comes to your turn
to place on the rim of the table
for progressive peacefully-egalitarian
‘unanimous voting’
into the

[at present “empty, blank &-‘waiting'”]

the one highest-priority non-fiction
Knowledge, Know-How and Guidance pubication
you have some good understanding of and ‘belief-in’
and would hold to be
“non-negotiable & regularly up-date-able”

Which one book would you ‘promote’ ?

{Many of the affordably published non-fiction sources and guidances already named and many listed
in this e-site
or in its two supportive web-sites
probably contain necessary facts, factors and guidances
for Our and this Earth’s future progress –
such that, for instance
any-one, such as this publisher,
could propose them
all, eventually
one at a time.}