Life-Itself is No “Party”

Not just
our “Brexit” tiny-corner-
of this Human Race,
and of the 11-or-so Civilisations


all ‘corners’, heights, depths, of people;

and of ‘lifeless-deserts’
as well as of existent & potential future Lifesupports
throughout the whole world upon Earth

both inside and outside of our Civilisation-ing

need to
with re- identifying and re-prioritising our
Needs & Sustainworthy-Hows.


If there is still time –
[but ‘why didn’t you advance into it decades ago’]
Why still can none of you effect world-wide constitutional implementation of the
” ‘No-Lose’ Method III Needs-&-Hows Recognition
and Cooperative ‘win-win-win’ Problem Solving?”

– instead palpably wasting years of Time
ending up in “lose-lose Compromising-Cold-Wars” ?

Why can the ensconced world-domineering
Wealth-&-Power Rulers
and their underling
Establishments, Governments, Politicians,
‘Democracies’, Economists, and ‘Educators’
not keep updating
all of we Peoples
with the facts and factors
of this “Life Upon This-Only-One- Earth”

for instance that :-
and especially the Lifesupportiveness upon it,
is finite.

the ‘hugest’ protein ‘Meat‘ source on this living-planet’s hard surface
the Insects-World –

and yet
without them
and the Primary Layers of Vegetational-Lifeforms –
that ‘blanket’ each Biome on Earth

we Humans could neither have
naturally-evolved nor civilisationally-developed.

and the ‘higher’ herbivorous animals, birds and sea-creatures
are the ‘original’ and still main ‘Natural Gardeners’ :-

Worms – actually ‘create’ clean soil in which vegetables can grow;
Flies – are multi-lifesupportive, in that they not only help Plants to propagate, survive, and thrive –
they also feed birds who in turn spread plant-seeds in a similar Propagating role.

Spiders and Slugs
may be less quickly and simply ‘appreciated’ –
for their ‘hidden’ Natural Intrinsic Essentialities –
but since Science has discovered
the ‘super-strength’ of the spider’s web-thread

and “we”
can try washing slug-slime off their fingers
to discover its ‘persistently super-clinging-adhesiveness’

and can thus come to start seeing
how our upbringings and ‘educations’

[including especially-‘blindly’ and ‘destructively-greedily’]
our career and job skilling-trainings

have clean-omitted
(or ‘forgotten’ or ‘couldn’t-afford’- )
to even mention to us
Vitally Intrinsic
Life-&-Lifesupportive “Values”


filling the luckiest of us
with two-gold-coins-each
to ‘more-cleverly-enablingly-financialise us
special-individuals –
“Yes indeed, absolutely all of us.


“What are,
and will longest-term be,
our the British Peoples’
Needs & Sustainworthy Hows ?”
“Why are the other 26 European Countries and Peoples So
in Recognising and Supplying those Needs and Hows ?”
“How is “Brexitly-Quitting”
the European Union[*]
going to help the British People
to both survive and healthily thrive ?”


[*] Why,
as a leading Member of the 27-Countries EU,
did we Brits not ‘spot’ the
in EU Governance and Practical-Processes
nor also ‘spot’ the
our “Common” Citizenship, Careers
and Lifeplace-Educations, Enablements, Trainings
and “Corrective”-Systems
also continue failing to appraise us of ?
Had the ‘Brits’ already done
all they could
to “cleanse” themselves
of their own “non-EU” but “pure-British”
Corruptions and Shortcomings ?


How Now Brown Cow ?