Back Up Books

Punctuation purposefully omitted from our title
so’s one may
“make -of-it-whatever”.

Robert Greene has written many “winning-strategy” books
as did Carl Gustav Jung write many “Individual Psychology” books

Many such authors exist and to some extent ‘prevail’ –
in the case of Jung and Greene they have written “tomes”.

At least one critic has called such ‘proliferation’ “suspect” – how can one lone individual “churn out” so much “essential factuality and indispensably factual truth” ?

Certainly, then,
one needs to be a quite fast and ‘internalising’ reader
to cope and keep up with such ‘immensitude’ ?

Alas! the vast majority of ‘us ordinary people’
are not of such genius-mind capacity;
in our case
we can ‘participate’ by ‘seriously-browsing’
through selected parts
of some of those ‘life-leading’ books.
Hey Ho! then –
“get on with it”.

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