This Quagmire Queendom

In 1980 a number of sober international-education professors
were identifying our Human-Race as
having already become
“a plague upon Earth”

and were also advising
“with the Earth’s Lifesjupports now increasingly dwindling,
by both physical destruction and lifeforms-extinction by humankind-overpopulation and environmental-overkilling
our human civilisation is officially reporting that
those Lifesupports are actually shown
by our GDPs and Stockmarkets to be
‘going-up not down’ –

“someone should at the very least be telling the Economists
that they have a fundamental equation radically wrong somewhere”]
Looking around now
40 years further down the pan
for a
“Back-Up Earth-&-Human Life Sustainworthying Civilisation ‘B’ ”

we find none