“Sustainworthying” points

Further to previous notes
including on
“non-sustainworthying” and “anti-sustainworthiness”
what sort of
should weconstruct

and what sort of
could we use –
for “snapshotting” and “sizing-up”
an organisation’s or an individual’s
“sustainworthyness ‘balance’ ” ?
How clear must we be about the QQ values of
A. Sustainworthiness and Sustainworthying
B. Non-Sustainworthying and Anti-Sustainworthiness****

Already the “carbon-footprint” has led to people in the general public
the whole of an individual’s
12 months accumulation of “green lifestyling” positive-points
gets more than totally wiped-out
by just one airplane holiday flight.
IT has become
that serious

How is someone
drawing or being-given multiple human-livings
from the Common Purse and Environment
going to become able to “get out of sustainworthiness-debt” :

a Talk-Show ‘Star’ – “on £3-million a year”;

a “bankster” on £5-million a year;

a Member of Parliament
getting £ millions from sitting on Boards
and owning “private”-investments
outside of Parliamentary duties
as well as being paid from taxes £60.000 or more per year

as well as having all expenses-paid by the same taxes
‘ostensibly’ for ‘representing’ our people’s real-life needs

zzzzzzzzz (and there is more – – – oh, so much more !) zzzzzzzzz

.**** An organisation or an individual
seeking to short-term-profiteer
from other people,
or from loopholes in a law or a market.
incl the multitude of individuals who ‘reckon’
“Climate-Disaster – not my problem – I shan’t be here to worry about it” –
they’re all ‘into’ more non-sustainworthying and anti-sustainworthiness
than ‘the average person’.