The “Wordwide Cold War'”

Already happening
and largely both
(More in later posts)

English is the
for the foreseeable future,

and certainly whilst every country and United Nations Member
is struggling to
sustainworthily thrive
let alone ‘simply-survive’

and so,
since it would be ‘madness’ to try to ‘change-horses-midstream’ by establishing a different language worldwide,

English urgently and vitally-necessarily
needs to make itself
Unequivocally Clear,
Absolutely All-Round and In-Depth Apposite,
and free from
foggy, woolly, spin-doctored, fake, and ‘weasel’

Start for instance
with accurate and non-duplicitous key-, and descriptive-, words
for situations, predicaments,
threats, and ‘common-enemies’ –
Climate-‘Change’ could be thought of as ‘Climate-‘Improving’ –
[and the ‘Political & Business World’ would have us believe that, too –
both being short-term-profiteerists –
planning little more than 5 to 10, rarely even to 100 years ahead

“Climate Worsening” is the focal-truth. 


Being “defensively-aware”
is a similar kind of ‘key-lifeplace-enablement’

such as signs that an organisation
and any individual
is carrying-on
non-sustainworthyingly and anti-sustainworthinessly –

by ’employing’ fog and fake wordings
and “unitedly thinking as one that -“
“Our purpose is non-negotiable, and is the best, we are practically perfect –
so our members don’t need to learn anything new –
[therefore we don’t need any new-fangled wordings or publications] …”.

Another ‘tell-tale’ sign of non-&-anti-sustainworthying is
deludedly thinking or believing
that one is actually
“more-than-just-one-human-being” –

and is ‘therefore’ entitled to many-human-livings
and ‘anyway’ has ‘alone’ earned such multiple-human-incomes
{[such as “banksters” claiming pay/remuneration
in £millions-salaries and bonuses per annum]
[such professionals as psychiatrists claiming e.g. £3.000 per week
as if they are each ‘ten-human-beings’ –
but that’s actually being 9-times-deluded !!!!!!!!! ] }


More follows in later posts, including
some “new-fangled publications and quotes therefrom”
such as Mike Berners-Lee’s  
There Is No Planet B
and Tim Marshall’s
Prisoners of Geography