Earth’s Long-Term “View”

The most likely deeply-universal Earthlife and Humankind
“chapter-in-purpose-history” is that :-
Further-advanced “Non-Earthians”*
discovered this planet Earth some 200,000 years ago,
and may have been on a galaxy-wide “quest”
for such other planets being
not only

bur Precious-Minerals Possessing
[such as ‘gold-nuggets, which are very good for electronics –
and could be got from Earth’s many caverns
by such a primarily-intelligent all-fours animal
as the Red-Chimpanzee
being already naturally-evolved sufficiently to be
into “riding”
the naturally slow-evolution-processes
by being “seeded” to
relatively very-fastly develop
in civilisation-building-skills
and a few of them to be
into becoming the ultimate
“Space-Emigrating Spaceship-Teams
and New-Earths Colonising-Communities.
The original naturally slow-evolution-processes
of the main “pyramid” of Lifeforms on Earth
being “stewarded” by our now self-apellating
with this relatively very-fast development-in
and lifetime-artifically, and probably “alienly”
Thousands of years ago our humankind was being “trained”
and maintained both limber and strong enough
to crawl into caverns
and collect gold nuggets ]
[perhaps a sufficient secondary or primary attraction for
“ET – space-exploring non-earthian-lifeforms” ]
to be ‘ET-medically-adapted’
for our otherwise slowly-evolving brain
to become
and “productive”
of such a precious-metal as gold
which could so quickly and easily be “got” by us
for the “visiting-helpful ET-teams of non-earth-beings” ;

And also to have been ‘quantum[-leaped’ forward
into becoming focused and skilled
in the ‘sacred-task’
of extracting and ‘smelting’
naturally-locked-in metals
from bare rocks.


The “ET’s SevenFold” longest-term human-model
needed to be artificially-rapidly-“evolved”
into becoming
“extra-terrestrial-technology-‘savvy’ “wizards”

for a Two-Fold Purpose of
Building “space-travel-capable” technologicaly-capable spaceships
and developing also “Astronaut-Teams’ to crew them.
This longest-term Purpose needs to be being developed
by large numbers of human “worker-teams and populations”
who will eventually carry-on living on this “Old-Earth”
until they “die-out” or until the erth gets “blown-away” by a Gamma-Ray or “swallowed” first by the expanding Sun and then the surrounding galaxy’s “black hole”
Humankind is being extra-terrestrially-developed in two population-bodies
The relatively small-numbers of humans
making Space-Colonising “Astronaut-Teams”
who will establish communities on other Earth-like planets in outer-space
The Workers – who will remain on this planet Earth
to eventually “die-out” here.
Most of us should be
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
as Main Population

so that the

“select-few'” may,
in possible many thousands-of-years time
succeed in completing a “Space-Exodus”.

“Be Geting Used To It”.