Education vs Training

In the post below
on “Individual & Collecttive Human Development”

Basic and progressive fact and guidance can be seen via
Lifestreams by David Boadella

Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss

Your Body: biofeedback at its best
[without instrujments, machinery or artificiality]

and for evolutionary human movement growth
from womb to aduolthood-maintenance-&-progress
Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley.
For appreciating the many distibctions between
“workplace economical” human movement
“lifeplace dramatic human movement”
Effort by Laban & Lawrence.

TRAINING for Workplaces
EDUCATION for Lifeplaces.

As some key senior Professors in the USA
had to tell their middle-class-parents audience
You can become the best
lawyer or doctor
in the whole world
any education …

“All you need is the best training and the best job-placements –
and you could then also become
the best lawyer and the best doctor
in the world,
without any education”.

——- ——— … hope that’s sufficient to ‘light-you-up’ for the time being … —–