the first in Johnson-& Johnson ‘s Joining Together 4th ed 1991
Advises us [“requires” career-registered students] to
(i) List every-thing [jsdm] you do in a typical day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.
(ii) Delete from yourn list all the activities you perform with groups of people and see what is left.
(iii) Form a group of three and discuss the results.

We in “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” have ‘pre-added’ –
“Before ‘we’ begin any-thing and/or ‘everything’ –
it is for Self-&-Civilisational-Earth’s
that we do this -“

(“) Letting there be spaces in our togetherness(es)… (“)

we need to have become
– or be becoming –
co-enabling and enabled
in some sustainworthying-basics,

to have become practicingly-competent
in whatever-necessary
self-&-co- &/or co-&-self-
facilitations –

such as “spacing(s)
” and “timeframing”
any togethering [qua ‘togetherness-ing’]
that we may find to be
‘”me-included’-co-happening ongoingly but ‘exclusively’ ‘right now’ …”

now focusedly making-ready
for an 1800 ‘mostly-horizontal’ co-beginning
within-share-able limits
” … simply … alternatingly … sharing …”
1830 “I’m in”