Truth to Tell

The Big Human-Development Saboteur
“Freedom of Speech”
coupled to
“Freedom of the Press”

There’s the ‘insidiously-covered-up’
Worldwide Militant Adversarism Era 
‘gloves-off’ dividing now between the USA, China, and Russia
domineeringly “faking-&-funneling” every-thing and every-one 
into ‘growing-big-worldwide-hot-military-conflicts
and politico-greedy-‘economic –
but de-facto wasteful & destructive
civil-unrests and street battles –

as well as those Top-Domineers
worldwide deliberately-imposing
humanitarian, educational, and social neglect 
ongoing spiritual-corruption and misguidances…

Also insidiously focused over the past 7 years have been 
the political-journalistic media’s “espionage & propaganda”  
[UK’s The Guardian being UK MI5 & 6’s main
‘mouthpiece & puppet-propaganda-&-fakenews-publisher’ ]
all such worldwide-public-manipulators
being ongoingly ‘criminalising’ of good-movements and good people
and of
such “democratic-information-truths publishers” as
and especially in witch-hunting Mr Julian Asange,
[ Wikileaks’s brave founder and World-Peoples’ Protective-Spokesperson ]
publicly and judicially-officially
blackening & snipering his person and character’

instead of doing their democratic duty of honestly tackling
the messages-themselves being shown to the Public.
and the concerns, issues or matters they contain

it is also called
“attacking the messenger instead of tackling the message”
Also right here, is a further “cowardly-false attack”
where Google Search Engine
publishes a “condemnation”
of this e-site ‘our’
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement”
grass-roots factual-&-factorial
not-for-profit, power nor prestige
public-information e-site

the Googled propaganda says, 
(“) this site is still after many years failing to draw 
even one positive comment (“).
But is omitting to reason and report that the site is publishing
otherwise suppressed, neglected, and overlooked
in Humankind
Knowledge & Sustainworthy Know-How.